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The Rebel Priests

by Julia Duin, MORE Magazine (pdf) - April 4, 2013

"These women say they're heeding a call to the altar. The Vatican says they're committing a sin as serious as pedophilia. The 75 American women who have been ordained as Roman Catholic priests knew they faced ex-communication - but it was a price they were prepared to pay to change the church they love from within."

Congregation Ordains Catholic Female Pastor

by Christopher Cadelago, San Diego Union Tribune - August 1, 2010

"Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community ordained a female pastor Saturday, risking excommunication despite assertions that it represents the true roots of Roman Catholicism."

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Defying the Vatican, Catholic Women Claim Priesthood

by Tim Padgett, Time Magazine (pdf) - September 27, 2010

"...What really spooks Rome, the women say, is their drive to reform an insular, hyper-hierarchical church that betrays early Christianity's more democratic culture — and whose bosses have too often protected pedophile priests. "We don't want to just add women to the structure already there," says Corran. Via, who works with child-abuse victims, notes that the church has excommunicated her but not one pederast cleric."

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Claim Roman Catholic - says Woman Priest

by Tom Roberts, National Catholic Reporter - September 21, 2010

"As a 5-year-old child of Presbyterian parents, Jane Via was deeply attracted to the 1950s Catholicism of her friends in her St. Louis neighborhood. That initial allure, however, was the start of a journey of faith that ultimately led her to a position of deep conflict with the authorities in the church she had grown to love."

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Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community: A Good Church

by Rosemary R. Ruether, Martha y Maria: Women's Lives, Women's Rights (blog) - February 23, 2009

"On February 15 of this year I attended the Sunday Eucharistic liturgy at Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community and preached the sermon on divine Wisdom. It was one of the best experiences of a worshipping community I have had in a long time. It could be a model of how to be church for many others."

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Encounter: A Place at the Altar

by Jan Jarboe Russell, New York Times Magazine - June 24, 2007

"On a late winter Sunday in San Diego, Jane Via, dressed in the traditional garb of a Roman Catholic priest — a white alb, a gold stole draped over her narrow shoulders and a green, flowing robe called a chasuble — led the 100 or so congregants of the Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community in a forbidden Mass."

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Jane Via - Profile

by Eilene Zimmerman - San Diego Magazine, October 2007

"BY DAY, JANE VIA is a deputy district attorney in San Diego. On Sundays, she wears a different hat——actually, it’s a robe. Via was ordained a priest in 2006, aboard a boat in international waters off Switzerland, Austria and Germany, by three female bishops (also ordained in secret). It’s all part of a movement known as Roman Catholic Womenpriests, and it aims to fundamentally transform the Catholic Church into a more inclusive, accepting religion."

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Founded and Convened by a Roman Catholic Womanpriest

by St. Thomas More Society - California Catholic Daily, July 31, 2007

"The St. Thomas More Society of San Diego has invited “womanpriest” Jane Via to speak at a meeting on Friday, Aug. 3, even though Via is under interdict by San Diego Bishop Robert Brom, who last summer forwarded her case to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome for further action, possibly a formal declaration of excommunication."

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A Woman in California Defies the Ban on Female Catholic Priests

by Karen Wynter - (pdf of transcript), September 30, 2006

"Challenging the Church: For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has told women they cannot be ordained as priests. Now a small group of women is defying that ban and they face excommunication. But they say it's a matter of faith. (Jane Via, ordained by Catholic reformers) is going head to head with the Roman Catholic Church to reverse history. Via makes no apologies for defying Catholic tradition which bars women from becoming priests or deacons."

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"Jane Via, 58, is among 15 American women who have recently gone through ordination ceremonies that are not sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, which bars women from becoming priests or deacons. 'If women like me don't stand up and do something for women in the church, no one else is going to,' Via told NBC San Diego. 'We've been waiting for the Vatican to do this for 40 years, since the second Vatican council. Not only has nothing happened, but things have gotten progressively worse for women since,' (said Via)."

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Female Priest Defies the Catholic Church

by Robin Fields, LA Times (pdf) - August 14, 2006

"Jane Via said she would probably cry and, sure enough, she did. Midway through her homily at the rented San Diego church used by her upstart congregation, Via choked up, thanking the packed house of 100 worshipers for sustaining her over the last week. Sunday's service was the second Mass that Via has led since her illicit ordination in Switzerland in June, and the first over which she has presided alone."

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Ordination puts Women, Backers, at Odds with Catholic Church

by Sandi Dolbee, San Diego Union-Tribune (pdf) - August 5, 2006

“In the packed sanctuary of a rented church in Mission Hills, a balding man in a short-sleeved shirt stepped up to the microphone. ‘Folks,’ he began, ‘I want to welcome you to the revolution.’ Then came the applause. As far as the 250-plus people were concerned, they were making Catholic history.”

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